What You Can Store in a Warehouse Storage

Keep Your Warehouse Safe: Facility Security Tips

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word “warehouse”? For most people, it’s a big metal building with large boxes on shelves and pallets stacked to the ceiling. It’s not difficult to imagine how dangerous warehouse storage can be if there are no safety precautions taken. Workers will be climbing all over the boxes and pallets to get items that are on high shelves, they’ll be grabbing too many at once in an effort to save time, or worst of all, they may miss a step on one of those metal steps. Warehouse storage in Ottawa is safe for everyone.

Warehouse Storage In Ottawa

The first thing to do is make sure you have plenty of light bulbs so workers can see everything clearly. Even when it’s not dark outside yet inside your warehouse there can be shadows where accidents might take place if someone trips or falls because they couldn’t find their footing due to low visibility. You also need good lighting for safety reasons as well as aesthetics purposes like seeing how dingy things really are. A lot of people don’t know this but fluorescent lights actually produce much more lumens than incandescent bulbs.

Lighting is a good start but you’ll also want to make sure your warehouse has retractable racks for items on the floor level so that workers can easily move all of them to one side in order to access an area without having to go through each rack individually and then put it back up again when they’re done with their task. This will save time and energy, and – most importantly – lives! The last thing you need are large boxes that block doors from opening wide enough or even overhanging stacks of shelves if there’s no room for employees’ heads as they walk by.