The Ultimate Guide to Safe RV Living

Is living in an RV safe?

You may have heard the saying “home is where you park it.” If you’ve decided to live in an RV and have taken the plunge, congratulations! You are now one step closer to having a simplified life.

California RV Dealer can give you some insight into what being a mobile resident can be like and how safe that lifestyle can be if done right. Also, there are some safety tips, so that you don’t find yourselves risking your health or wellbeing by choosing this type of lifestyle.

The good news is that a lot of what you need to know about safety has been done for you. Manufacturers, such as Winnebago and Airstream, have long histories in the industry and are responsible for creating many of our favorite RVs today.

California RV Dealer

They’ve put careful consideration into ensuring their products will be safe on both dry land and water before they hit store shelves. You’ll also find plenty of RV accessory companies who cater specifically to those looking for ways to keep things clean or improve their utility needs while mobile homes become more common across North America.

Cleaning supplies: It’s important to carry these around with us when we travel because sometimes there isn’t an opportunity for proper cleaning at home.

First Aid Kit: This should always be stocked with bandages, antiseptic liquid, disinfectant wipes, aspirin, anti-diarrhea medication (such as Imodium AD), and any prescription medications you need to stay healthy on the go.

Emergency Preparedness Basics: It’s a good idea to keep these items in your RV at all times for emergencies that may arise while traveling or living in mobile homes. We recommend carrying candles & matches, lighter fluid, a flashlight with batteries and an extra set of batteries, nonperishable food such as canned goods like soup cans without labels; bottled water, hand sanitizer spray bottle, paper towels or tissues.