Pregnancy and Homeownership: All the Details

Expecting a Baby and Moving to a New House: What You Should Know

Pregnancy and homeownership are two of the most exciting events in a person’s life. It can be hard to integrate them together, but it is possible! We’ve put together all the details you need to know about being pregnant when looking for a new house. This blog post will provide guidance on how to plan your pregnancy around your home search, what kind of home you should buy (if any), and more! Designed To Move is here to ease the process of moving!

Designed To Move

Tip #01: Planning your Pregnancy Timeframe. It’s important to plan when you would like to get pregnant before beginning the process of looking for a new home! If you’re currently happy with where you live and are considering buying, then this might be easier- but if not, it can still work out. Start by figuring out how much time (and money) it will take to move into a place that meets all of your needs while also expecting a baby. For example, is there an ideal location near family or friends who could potentially help? Is there enough room in the budget for childcare during these first few weeks after birth?

Tip #02: Buying vs Renting When Home Shopping. There are pros to everything, so in order to decide whether you want to buy a house or rent, take into account what will work best for your family. If there’s no need to move in the near future and it makes more sense financially (or if you just don’t have time) then renting might be the better option!

Tip #03: Preparing Your Home For Baby Number Two. One of the most important things to consider is doing renovations before baby number two comes along- because like everything else with babies, suddenly every little thing becomes much harder! The kitchen can become an area where food spills everywhere and needs constant cleaning up; while floors may constantly need mopping when they were always swept on their own during pregnancy.