Lawn Care: Steps to Maintaining a Lawn

Smart Tips for a Lush Lawn

A green lawn is important for any home so make sure that you check out Rapid City Lawn Care Company that can help you a lot. It provides a space where the family can enjoy outdoor activities such as picnics, football games, or just simply relaxing in the shade while reading a book. Keeping your yard looking lush and green year-round is not always easy to do without breaking the bank. This article discusses how you can maintain a luscious lawn on your own with some simple steps that anyone can follow!

Step One: Check for Bugs and Diseases. Bacteria, mites, and other creatures can thrive in moist soil or decaying plant material that is left to sit on the ground. They will quickly spread out of control if you do not take care of them early on with an insecticide spray like pyrethrin-based products. These chemicals kill the insects and can be used on both pet areas and in ornamental plantings.

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Step Two: Check for Weeds or Pest Plants. Unchecked weeds will quickly spread into your lawn affecting its color, density, and overall health. It is best to use a pre-emergent weed control product that prevents new weeds from growing.

Step Three: Check for Nutrients and Chemicals in the Soil. Healthy soil is essential to a healthy lawn because it contains all of the minerals needed for plant life. You can test your soil by digging up some dirt from five different spots around your yard, making sure not to disturb any plants or grass while doing so. Put samples into pots with garden dirt. Water them until they are consistently moist then let sit for two weeks before testing pH levels and nutrient content using an at-home kit like this one on Amazon!

Maintaining a lush green lawn does not have to be difficult if you follow these three steps every month or so depending on how often you use your outdoor space.